The Concept and Methodology

Samvedna, as the word suggests is a humble effort to leverage the power of Information and Communication Technology - ICT - to create a more humane, compassionate and understanding world. A crying need of the hour as all would agree. We thought the best way to do this is to work through the grassroots - schools - to be precise. Samvedna connects school children across the nation in an effort to develop a mutual appreciation society where each individual 'reaches out' to the world to make it a better place to live. This objective is being achieved by engaging children, their parents & teachers, college volunteers and corporate executives in meaningful projects.

Project Samvedna: Collaborative e-learning through ICT (Information & Communication Technology)

1. Project running at

2. Samvedna presents e-Learning modules both within/across schools for:
a. teacher to teacher pedagogical sharing
b. classroom teaching-learning enhancement
c. teacher-student knowledge sharing
d. student-student collaborative projects
e. college students – school student interactions/mentoring

3. Use of open source wiki websites

4. Samvedna runs Forums for a dynamic interaction between schools, teachers, students, parents & college mentors

5. ICT toolkits of Samvedna take up innovative online collaborative projects like:
a. Energy Conservation through self audit of energy meters by students
b. Safe neighbourhood campaigns led by students to prevent terrorist attacks in communities
c. Math aerobics to promote fun filled math learning
d. Computer Animation using the software 'Scratch' developed by MIT Media Labs (open source software)
e. freedom/flexibility for teachers to evolve their own projects with inputs from parents & students

6. Samvedna Helpline gives a platform to knowledge experts to share their talents with students

7. Samvedna Book-bank seeks to promote sharing of used books amongst students, thereby promoting the habit of reading

8. Samvedna is delivered through teacher training workshops - online as well as in schools. Students too are welcomed to be part of these sessions.

9. A prime focus of Samvedna is to harness internet technology through ICT in order to enhance the existing classroom teaching-learning experience. In no way does it seek to replace the classroom dynamics between teachers & students

10. Samvedna utilizes the Open Source attributes of the internet – wiki farms, open source software, online databank tools etc for its collaborative processes

11. A prime objective of Samvedna is also to encourage responsible usage of the internet by students, under the able & trained guidance of teachers

12. Samvedna also seeks to promote healthy participation of parents in their ward’s development in school. School visits by parents can be followed up on Samvedna Forums by them through participation in subject related forums being mentored by subject teachers. Parents can run/mentor school children through their own forums too. Special parent Samvedna workshops can also be conducted in school to train them

Target audience:
a. Government schools with basic computer infrastructure & internet
b. Schools run for under-privileged children by NGO’s
c. Public schools desirous of participation. This helps in collaborative learning cutting across the classes
d. Schools from across the country/world can participate

Samvedna thus synergizes the healthy participation of all stakeholders in a child’s growth & development, by using ICT in an effective, secure and responsible manner. The project needs relevant support to scale up

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