sourabh from Manava Bharati

Hello everybody.
I am Sourabh, standard VIII A, Manava Bharati India International School, Panchsheel, New Delhi. I have joined this forum today. I am concerned about the environmental degradation of our city i.e. Delhi. Recently a positive step was taken by Delhi Government to ban usage of polythene bags. However, I am quite surprised to see that they are still being used in many markets. As we all know f polythene bags have a very adverse effect on our environment. Since they are not destroyed easily they cause blockage of drains and environmental pollution.
As our personal effort we have started carrying cloth bag to market and refuse polythene bags. People of Delhi are very aware and soon they will all start refusing polythene bags. Government should also be more strict and start enforcing its rule strictly.
I hope we all Samvedanites will take our personal steps to make Delhi a more environment friendly place to live in.
With best wishes to you all,
23 Feb 2009

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