Samvedna Report May 09

Work done so far

There are two aspects to the project:-

1. Connectivity –provided by TTSL
2. Content – being developed and executed by REACHA

Important activities – [content & connectivity]

1. Samvedna website is ready on the wiki platform.

2. Left navigation bar links appropriately designed.

3. Forums –up and running, these are focusing on:
• Mutual appreciation between Him Jyoti and Manava Bharati school
• Samvedna helpline mentoring by experts from IIT, IIM etc like Arpit Bhandari , Mohit Gupta, Nitin Gupta [all 3 from Manava Bharati]
& Promod Kumar from IIT Madras
• Specific project forum categories created-
• energy conservation
• scratch [computer animation]
• math aerobics
• general discussion forums are very popular
• Mentoring forum categories being developed

4. Online collaborative project websites created on Wikidot –
Over the next 3-4 months these project sites will become very interactive with project forums shifting from Samvedna sites to the project specific sites.

5. Online Collaborative Project details – [sites being managed by students]

Energy Club-
• E-files being updated by both schools on Google doc as per conservation in the school campuses.
• Global projects being linked.
• Green tips being showcased.
• DPEC (Domestic Patterns of Energy Conservation) form being shared.
• More members will be enrolled.

• A collaborative race animation being championed by Him Jyoti girls
• Small school level projects will be developed.
• Relevant themes will be evolved over time through Scratch animation, like –
• Energy conservation
• Disaster management
• Traffic Management
• Good health for kis, etc

Math Aerobics-
• Kogics platform being used to strengthen math speed.
• Interschool online math competition being planned before the summer vacations 09
• More such sessions will be taken up post-vacations

6. Audio conferencing using TTSL Landlines being regularly organized to implement the project.

7. Samvedna files being prepared.

8. Project website has acquired a global audience:
• 2,930 visits have come from 41 countries/territories since Jan 09
• 23,531 Page-views so far

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