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Manava Bharati School, New Delhi-Class IX
Academic session 2010-11 discussions of MBIIS students of Class IX will be Categorized here.
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Chapter 1: Motion
31277by dhruv bhasin_bhasindhruv bhasin_bhasin
18 Sep 2010 15:45Jump!
This Category will only focus on Project related discussions and not Classroom teaching. These Projects are the ones based on themes that groups have decided on their own Nikhil
257by nikita jain1nikita jain1
12 Oct 2010 13:43Jump!
This Category will only focus on Project related discussions and not Classroom teaching. These Projects are the ones based on the Kojo Learning Environment that would be mentored by Team Kojo Nikhil
212by honey ralhanhoney ralhan
06 Jul 2010 10:19Jump!
Class IX students are welcome to get started here
317by aaayushaaayush
29 Jul 2010 11:02Jump!
Class IX students can discuss their biology related issues and topics here
210by honey ralhanhoney ralhan
22 Jun 2010 05:49Jump!
Manava Bharati School, New Delhi-Class VII English
Class VII English will be discussed here...literatute as well as grammer
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1758by Divyansh Mehta VII-CDivyansh Mehta VII-C
30 Sep 2010 09:03Jump!
514by Shreyansi VII-CShreyansi VII-C
08 Sep 2010 09:28Jump!
25by Divyansh Mehta VII-CDivyansh Mehta VII-C
29 Jun 2010 12:59Jump!
Mutual Appreciation between School children
Here we will have discussions about life in Dehra Dun, Delhi, Noida and Amritsar....and a lot more. Students from Manava Bharati (N Delhi), Him Jyoti (Dehra Dun), DPS (Amritsar) and Ramagya (Noida) will discuss various issues that concern them. REACHA will moderate these communications...through minimal hand-holding
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We welcome DPS, Amritsar students as part of the Samvedna Family from December 09 onwards
18 Dec 2009 06:01Jump!
26 Dec 2009 03:25Jump!
Time to start becoming friends!!
31 Dec 2010 07:24Jump!
4061141by Divyansh Mehta VII-CDivyansh Mehta VII-C
12 Jun 2010 12:26Jump!
Class VIII students are welcome to discuss with me various aspects as per syllabus on this forum
17136by Pankaj JhaPankaj Jha
04 May 2010 09:48Jump!
Guys....lets face it!! We all want to be good in our English. This in no way reduces the importance of our respective mother languages...but only helps us to face the world with greater confidence.
416by DakshyaniDakshyani
01 Mar 2011 05:30Jump!
Students Mentoring
Here, Samvedna seeks to connect students to Resource Experts from well known institutions, corporates, colleges etc so that there is sustained guidance and mentoring of youngsters
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Nitin is an Alumni of Manava Bharati School, N Delhi. Currently perusing his B.Tech (Computer Science; 4th year) at IIT, Delhi, he will be moderating this Forum Counter with topics that range from Fun with Maths to Life at IIT etc
21138by nitin116nitin116
19 Aug 2010 18:55Jump!
Arpit has been a student of Manava Bharati School upto Class X. He is keen to share his knowledge regarding higher studies, career opportunities and general healthy life
954by arti_hjsarti_hjs
18 Feb 2010 09:19Jump!
With Pramod Kumar, alumni IIT Madras and currently Coordinator of the Cultural Education Programme at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University at Coimbatore where he teaches Indian culture to students of engineering and social work. He is also the Convenor for the Human Excellence Department of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra
831by Anjali GodiyalAnjali Godiyal
25 Feb 2010 09:14Jump!
Mohit Gupta, an alumni of Manava Bharati School, is currently in final year of B.Tech in IT from USIT, IP University, N Delhi. He is here to contribute with his views regarding energy conservation at college level and also to help students at school regarding the same
05 Jul 2010 05:24Jump!
Apoorv is pursuing his B.Tech(Production and Industrial Engineering) from IIT Delhi and is into his third year. He would specially like to help you out in maintaining a balance between academics and other extra curricular activities.
12by Himshikha PantHimshikha Pant
19 Nov 2009 09:28Jump!
Nitin is a graduate from IIT-Bombay and is currently heading REACHA's activities in Mumbai. He has experience of working as management consultant and as an entrepreneur. He had started his own company which he ran for 2 years before closing due to recession. Currently he is working as management consultant with a big MNC consulting firm. He likes to get involved in community service in his quest to payback to the society. He loves to solve problems related to Physics and Mathematics.
311by Abhishek VermaAbhishek Verma
14 Jan 2010 11:24Jump!
Praveen Chavali, an MBA student from IMT, Ghaziabad shall be moderating thid forum. Samvedna kids are welcome to discuss with him issues like Climate Change, Global Warming, Energy Conservation etc
513by dhruv bhasin_bhasindhruv bhasin_bhasin
08 May 2010 02:28Jump!
Guys, Writtika Maitra from IMT, Ghaziabad will be moderating this forum. Hopefully, discussions here will get us all excited about this realm of human creativity and ethos.
33by Neema RawatNeema Rawat
11 Feb 2010 09:21Jump!
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This category groups discussions related to particular pages within this site.
23 Dec 2010 05:50Jump!
Deleted forum discussions should go here.

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