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Project - Democracy in Action - Focus on Bihar Elections 2010

A Project designed to sensitise school children, parents and teachers on aspects of:

  1. Democracy - how it plays out on the ground in India
  2. How our elected representatives fare in terms of their assets and liabilities
  3. An understanding of the districts in the country where the elections take place - their society, culture, development issues etc

The project design, delivery and assessment is as per CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment) mandate of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education. Classes V - X are currently participating from Manava Bharati School as part of their FA 3 and FA 4 project work. FA stands for Formative Assessment.

Download Project "Democracy in Action" - Plan of Action

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  1. My Neta Info
  2. ADR India

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Project being implemented by:

  1. ADR India
  2. Manava Bharati School
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